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Reverend Dionne L. Carter

Youth and Young Adult Pastor

Rev. Dionne Carter praises our Lord and Savior for the blessed opportunity to minister the Good News to a troubled and suffering world.  For well over a decade, Rev. Carter has worked to improve the lives of under-served and under-represented children, youth and families throughout the San Francisco/Bay Area by addressing health and social issues including Gun Violence, HIV/AIDS, Mental Health, Cancer Control and Prevention and Youth Development and Juvenile Justice.


Rev. Carter is a Painter, Storyteller, Published Illustrator, Poet and Liturgical Dancer. Her prophetic art speaks on behalf of a divine call for love, life and liberation. She is a native of Oakland, CA and her unique blend of personal and professional experiences working in and on behalf of “the hood” are at the heart of her artistic vision for ministry and what she considers, “gifts of reflection for the eyes and ears of the heart.” Throughout her life, she has not only used art to navigate her own life journey, she has shared her gifts from God, for God, to be used by God to demonstrate God’s love.” She currently owns and operates “Dionne Nicole Arts” which provides creative arts and healing opportunities for children, youth and adults.


By the power of the Triune God, her academic achievements include a B.A. in Social Work (1995), a Master of Public Health focusing on African American Health and Social Disparities (2005) and a Master of Divinity focusing on Arts, Spirituality and Worship (2012).  She is a former Intern with the Interfaith Chaplaincy Program at San Francisco General Hospital, a Fellow with the National Beatitudes Society, an Alumni of the UCSF Minority Training Program in Cancer Control Research and a Homicide Responder in Oakland.   She accepted her calling to the ministry under Rev. Dr. Francine Brookins of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and she received Elder Ordination in 2015.  She currently serves as the Youth and Young Adult Pastor at FMBC, the place to be![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][mk_padding_divider][/vc_column][/vc_row]