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This Week’s CrossTalk Announcements!


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Crosstalk is the FMBC News Center.  Keep up with what’s happening here!




SCHOLARSHIP MINISTRY:  The FMBC Scholarship Ministry is pleased to announce its accepting applications for the 2020 awards.  This year we’re offering awards in 3 areas:  Traditional College or University, Non-Traditional Trade/Vocational School and Parents or Guardians returning to school.  Applications are due on May 1st.  Check the FMBC website to download the application or see Rev. Dionne for questions.


CROSSTALK:  If you have an upcoming event and you’d like to get the word out or need graphic designs created, please contact our Crosstalk team.  We’re here to assist you with publicizing your ministry events.

DOV:  The Daughters of Victory would like to announce its new email address DOVFMBC@GMAIL.COM.  FMBC Ladies, please email us your name and contact information and be added to our Notification List for all DOV events.

MERCHANDISE:  If you’re interested in purchasing the FMBC shopping bag or the I Want More sweatshirt, you may do so by completing an online order form on our website or mobile app.  The bags are 5 for $10 and are available for immediate purchase.  The cost of the sweatshirt will depend on the number requested so please place your order today!

PRAYER MINISTRY:  Did you know that Friendship has dedicated Prayer Warriors on the phone every Saturday morning from 8 to 9am. We’re ready to pray for and with you.  The call in number is (605) 475-6006, Code 475-1033.  You may also place your requests in the Prayer Box in the Narthex.

Employment Opportunites: Friendship is seeking qualified applicants for the following positions;

Executive Pastor

Music Associate – Drummer.

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